MJ Freeway Setup and Editing

Content Source

All of the product information is being displayed from MJF data system. If an item is active it will appear on your menu whether it is in stock or not. You need to set a product as 'Inactive' if you do not want to display it.

Insteo Display

Editing Colors

1.       Navigate to Apps

2.       Click Current Apps

3.       Search for the app you’d like to make updates to

4.       Click on the Edit Icon ()

5.       The App Designer for that app will open

6.       Click in the color area you’d like to change

7.       A color picker will appear for you to select a color.
          ADVANCED USERS: If you are familiar with rgba color, you are able to enter that into this field instead of a hex color. Our color picker does not currently offer an option for an alpha channel.

8.       Click Save after selecting your new color

Editing/Adding ads

1.       To access your Content please visit http://display.insteo.com/login.aspx

2.       Click the Content

3.       Click Content Overview

4.       Click the pencil icon of the Content Group you’d like to edit

5.       Each item within the content group has a set of icons that help you manage your content

  • Pencil Icon – for editing item
  • Calendar Icon – for scheduling item (see more details on the feature below)
  • Stacked Paper Icon – for duplicating item
  • X Icon – for deleting item

6.       To add a new item use the Add button in the top right corner

  •  For landscape screens ads should be 1080px W x 1920px H jpgs under 1MB for best results.
  •  For portrait screens ads should be 1920px W x 1080px H jpgs under 1MB for best results.  

Scheduling ads

Each item in your upload to your ads content group includes the option of scheduling
By default all ads will show indefinitely unless scheduled otherwise.

1.     From your selected app’s designer

2.     Click Items

3.     Click the Calendar Icon item of the icon you’re setting a schedule for

4.     Select a Start Day & Time

5.     Select an End Day & Time

6.     Click Save

Setting up your Media Player

  1. Attach HDMI cable to the player and screen

  2. Attach Ethernet cable (verify internet strength) to player

  3. Plug in player's and screen's power cables

  4. Insert SD card

  5. Turn player on (if applicable)

  6. Turn screen on

Your presentation should appear shortly after the power is plugged in.


1. Is the power on on the screen and player?

2. Is the screen set to the correct source/input?

3. Have you tried changing the cables?

4. Is the player receiving an active internet connection with the Ethernet cable?  

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