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Platforms Supported by Insteo

Generally our HTML5 content is designed specifically for the media players that were specified during the initial content development process. That means we designed, coded and tested the content on "SignPlayerX" so it may not work on "SignPlayerY".

We always try to use coding standards and develop our content to work everywhere, but it's not that simple. This is because HTML5 doesn't mean the same thing everywhere - some Media Player / CMS platforms use different rendering engines and we have to adapt our content with specialized coding for each project. 

If you change media players or upgrade the firmware of your existing media players in the future, the HTML5 content may fail.

We only support the media player and firmware version in place at the time of your install, and should you change platforms, you may need to contact us to make minor (or major) code and design changes to your content solution.

Generally, we develop content for:

- Samsung SSP
- BrightSign
- AOpen
- ChromeBox

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