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Setting up a Photos App

Summary; We have 3 types of Photo Apps - for Email, Uploads and Social Photos available in Landscape and Portrait mode. Choose the right one and get started with photos.

Important Note; Photo Apps ONLY work with Google Chrome and does not work in Internet Explorer v10.

Please read Using the App Designer before beginning with the steps below.

Three types of Photo Apps:
  •  Email: displays photos in email attachments - receives emails within 15 minutes and displays any attached JPGs
  •  Social: pulls photos from popular social media sites - displays photos within 15-45 minutes depending on the network.
  •  Upload: displays photos uploaded directly to Insteo - displays uploaded photos within a minute of being uploaded. Great for Events!
Photo App Sizes:

Photo Apps are available in Landscape and Portrait HD sizes and can be scaled proportionally. When displaying directly in a Google Chrome browser you can scale the App to whatever size you'd like. Many Content Management Systems can't work with the Insteo Photo App because they don't support Google Chrome. Please check with your CMS developer, or just use Insteo directly in browser mode.

Getting started:
  • For landscape Apps you need a background graphic that is sized full HD landscape, which is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall and for portrait Apps you need a background 1080 wide by 1920 tall. Twitter doesn't require other graphics besides the background.
  • Start your feed first! For Email and Social Media feeds, set up your feed first on the feed page. Search our Support documents for the type of feed you're starting to get more information.

First Steps:

  1. After choosing the type of Photos App you need and your Feeds are setup click on the Add New App icon on the dashboard.
  2. At the top of the page, use the drop down to only show "Photos" apps.
  3. Select the type of App and sizing you need, and click Add New
  4. If your feed is working and you have the appropriate number of photos in your feed, you should see photos right away. If you don't see photos, search this portal for more information or contact Insteo during regular support hours. 
  5. Continue designing your app, adding colors, background graphics and more.
For Photo Apps where you're uploading photos directly to Insteo:

If you aren't using Email or a Social Network for your photos, you can skip setting up a feed first and just make your App.
  1. Click Add New App on the dashboard and use the drop down at the top of the "Add a New App" page to only show "Photos" apps.
  2. Click Add New for the "Photos - Content Uploads - Landscape" and for the "Content Feed" drop down leave it set for Use New.
  3. To add new photos directly In the App Designer, Click "Items" on the sidebar of the App Designer and click on one of the blue squares at the top of the items editor.
  4. To add new photos using the Content Upload window, click Content from the dashboard and look for a group named "Photos - Content Uploads - Landscape" - Click Edit Group and continue with steps found here.

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