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BrightSign Player - Factory Reset

Factory Reset Script

To reset your unit to factory default settings:

1. Download the factory reset autorun.brs file by clicking here (the file is also available at the bottom of this article).

2. Copy the autorun.brs file to the root directory of a blank SD card or USB thumbdrive.

3. Insert the SD card or USB thumbdrive into the unit while it is powered off.

4. Power on the unit. In a moment, you will see a yellow message on the screen that states "Deleting Recovery settings". You will then see this message: "Settings Deleted. Remove script from flash card, and Restart".

5. The script will delete itself and restart the player when complete. Once restarted, you should see a BrightSign logo on the screen with the firmware version that is installed on the unit.

You can find more infromation on this via - Preforming a Factory Rest

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