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Notes about Screen Sizes

Summary; Use 1080p for the best experience with Insteo.

Computer and television screens support different resolutions, like 1080p, 720p, and a large number of "VGA" resolutions. 

By default, Insteo Apps are built for "Full HD - 1080p" setups. On setting up your content, if we find your screens use a different setting than Full HD 1080p, we will modify the content to fit your screen. 

The content does not automatically scale, so when we are working on your setup we are building this content specifically to fit your screens.

If you or your AV staff changes the resolution, or if your change screens after we complete the setup, the content could be off.

If this should happen, and the Apps no longer seem scaled to fit, please contact your AV staff first to make sure they haven't changed any settings. If they have, change these settings back. If you have changed screens, make sure the new screens are setup correctly for the right resolution.

In order for Insteo to assist with troubleshooting any scaling issues, you must have someone in front of your screen with us on the phone when you call.

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