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Creating Layouts and Layout Schedulers

Add a Layouts

In the Scheduling tab you are able to manage all of your Layouts. Layouts can contain one or multiple apps. By placing multiple apps within a Layout zone you can control the looping duration of each app within a particular Layout. 

1.      Navigate to Layouts.

2.      Click on the Add button on the top right side of the screen, next to the Help button.

3.       Create a Theme name for your Layout, select the style of Layout (for example Landscape, Portrait),

a.       You may optionally add a description of what your Layout will contain.

4.      Click on the Edit Icon (next to the Layout you just created.

5.      The Layout Designer will then open.

6.      There you will click on the Blue Zone(s) in Step 1 you’d like to edit.

  • Add a app to the schedule by clicking on the app under Step 2. (Your current apps only appear if they are built to fit in the zone selected)
  • Edit the duration of the apps in Step 3 by changing the minutes and seconds next to each app in the list (Minimum amount of time suggested is 00:30 seconds per layout). No need to hit Save or Enter.
  • Arrange the order of your apps in Step 3 with the Sort Order up and down arrows 

Note: Once setting a new time duration in Step 3, the timing automatically sets and changes, Users simply have to reload their Screens so that changes made apply to the display. 

Add a Layout Scheduler 

Under the Scheduling tab you will also be able to manage all of your Layout in Schedules, such as Duration and Dayparting. Layout Schedles contain multiple Layouts. 

1.       Navigate to Layout Scheduler.

2.       Proceed to click on the Add button on the top right side, next to the Help button.

3.       Enter a name for your Schedule, select Dayparting or Durationa then hit Save

  • Duration vs Dayparting: Duration allows you to set layouts to appear for durations of time in an infinite loop. Dayparting allows you to set layouts to appear particular times of the day.  

4.      The Scheduling Details for that Layout Schedule will open.  

     a.       Click on Add Layout Change to add a Layout into your schedule. Select Layout, enter timing and hit Save. (Your current layouts only appear in the popups drop down) 
     b.       Edit the timing of the Layouts by clicking on the Edit option for each, change the hours, minutes, and seconds (the Hours option is only for Duration) Hit Save when done.

5.     Rearrange Layouts within your Layout Scheduler by dragging and dropping the Layouts in the desired order.

6.     No need to hit Save

Note: In the Duration option of the Layout Scheduler, there is no need to add a Layout more than once. The Layout Schedule will simply loop through the timings you have set infinitely. 

For additional information take click on Additional Information for Layout Scheduling

To add your Scheduling Layout to a screen click and continue reading Adding a Screen

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