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URLs Insteo needs to access

Insteo content only uses port 80/443 as it is essentially web traffic.

If you need to open URLs on your firewall to allow Insteo content to run, all non-Social media apps use only and URLs. opening "*", "*" and "*" is sufficient, as all content, images and API calls come from Insteo servers or our CDN Some scripts and fonts come Google via "*"

For HTML5 apps, we may at times call Google Analytics and the Adobe or Google Web Font services, and we'll let you know which domains to open. Javascripts, jQuery calls and other requests are typically only made to Insteo servers. These are commonly https calls. If you allow normal web browsing on your network, these services would normally already be open.

If you use Social Media apps, URL blocking / unblocking may not be appropriate. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other Social Networks use a combination of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and also provide direct link to images, links and other content. Generally Insteo only uses images from third party links, such as PNG, GIF and JPG content. 

If your firewall allows direct pass through of image content, this may be an acceptable model.  

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