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How to use Insteo - an overview

Summary; You can use Insteo just for Apps or as a full digital signage solution - it all depends on what you're doing.

Just Apps:

If you already have a Digital Signage Solution or CMS just use Insteo Apps by copying and pasting the URL of the App right into your CMS. It's important that the CMS use Google Chrome or the Webkit rendering engine. Some CMS's use Internet Explorer which may work if fully upgraded to the latest release available from Microsoft. Android based Digital Signage systems should also work. 

An important note... We can only guarantee perfect playback of all of our Apps only if your CMS uses Google Chrome. Check with your CMS manufacturer first.

As a full Digital Signage Solution:

For Windows media players and in certain Android based media players Insteo can be run directly without using any CMS. Insteo's Apps can be scheduled to the screen in full screen or zoned layouts. Insteo's zoning is different than other Content Management Systems - our Apps are rigidly built by our award winning design team to fit very specific proportions and sections of the screen. This means when you follow our design guidelines you will get legible and easy to view screens. We don't do tiny type in little text crawls. We don't make arbitrary zoning choices - our team has created our zone sizing with your viewers in mind.

So, there's only a few zoning options available because they fit our Apps - which have been purpose built to look great!

To use Insteo as a full digital signage solution, chat with us about what media player you're using and we'll provide additional setup notes.

For Events:

Insteo's social media and event scheduling Apps look great at events - typically for events Insteo is providing setup and will guide you through every step in the process.

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