Samsung D/E Series Smart Signage URL Setup Guide


Although the SSP displays use a web browser to display the content, it is not possible for a user to launch the browser using the remote. This is specifically configured to prevent unwanted changes to the content that is shown while the device is running. Instead, we have provided a way to enter the URL using a factory menu.

Accessing the Factory Menu

Use the following instructions to enter the URL to your content:

Step 1: 

Connect the screen to the internet via Ethernet cable. 

After powering the screen on, press the Home button on your remote. (This should take you into the URL Launcher screen)

Step 2:

Use the arrows on the remote to navigate to the Change URL button in the top right corner of the screen 

Step 3:

Type in your URL which you'll find in the screens tab of the CMS, or which has been emailed to you.

After you finish entering the URL, hit Done. Once you hit done, you should be taken back to the URL launcher page.

Step 4:

Use the down arrow on your remote to select Launch URL.

Selecting Launch URL will bring up your content.

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