IAdea - Configure EasyPlay

IADEA - Configure EasyPlay

The feature EasyPlay allows the player to play media content for the USB flash drive (or SD card) directly.

When Easy Play is enabled, the player will play content only from the USB drive (or SD card). If user wants to play content from the URL server configured via “Set Content”,  EasyPlay must be disabled.

      1.      Insert USB drive or SD card containing media content that you want to play.

     *Note: The SD card should be placed with metal contact facing up to insert to the player.

2.      Click the Advanced button.

3.      Click Content, and then click on Easy Play.

4.      Click Disabled/Enabled button to enable Easy Play, and choose from 2 available operation modes, Photo Mode and Movie Mode.

IADEA – Configure Photo Mode

1.       Click on Photo for choosing photos and music. Click on the buttons as marked in red below, and select the directories for photos and music from the USB drive.

       *Note: Files should be placed in a folder in the SD card

2.       Click Set button after selecting the directories.

3.       Click Play.

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