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Entering a URL onto BrightSign

1.      Open BrightAuthor, and click on the File on the top left corner

2.      In File, the click on New Porject --  be sure to rename your project and save it onto a specific folder.

3.      Select your players BrightSign Model, click Create one finished. 

4.      Choose the single Full Screen option as your layout has already been designed in Display.   

5.      Under the Media Library option, select and drag the HTML5 on to the window that says “Drag Media Here

6.      In the pop up box that appears click "Yes"

7.      Add a site name, and select the URL option, enter your Display URL.

8.      Enter a State Name in the top right corner of the pop-up box (could be anything), click "Ok" to move forward

9.      Click on the Publish next to the Edit option on the top left, Select “Yes” in the pop-box to save your presentation, hit “OK” twice

10.      Make sure you have your SD card connected on to your computer, make sure the “Standalone Unit” is selected, always make sure that the SD card is the selected option to load content

11.      Hit “Publish” to transfer your presentation onto the SD card

Done, Eject the SD card and make sure the URL loaded correctly.

Notes: Always make sure that you are using a newly un-packaged SD card. 

All changes to your screen can be made though Display after you have entered your screen URL to the SD card.

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