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Designing a Digital Menu Board

Please read Using the App Designer before beginning with the steps below.

Getting started:

  • The menu has a background graphic that is full size HD landscape, which is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall.

  • Combo Menu Item Images should be sized to 570 px wide x 275 px tall. Have your designer pre-crop your images in a program like Adobe Photoshop.

  • There's an area below each combo item sized 570 px wide x 125 px tall.

  • Apps resize automatically - the App will fit the size of your screen, but they only scale proportionally. The App has proportions of 16:9. If you have an area that is 16:10, it will be a little off.

Design your App:
  1. Rename your app by clicking on the Rename button found in the top right corner of the App Designer. Renaming your apps will help you tell apps apart and aid in app management.

  2. Upload your background image. Clicking the Upload Graphics link at the top right of the screen will bring up an upload tool, drag and drop or click to browse to the image you'd like to upload.

  3. Apply your background image. Once uploaded, change the background image by selecting the one you uploaded from the Background Image drop down. You are able to choose from previous backgrounds you've uploaded as well at any time.

  4. The menu also has a special image for the background below each Combo Item which is sized at 570 px wide by 125px tall.

  5. Continue designing. Change colors, titles, and more based on the call outs shown above

Adding and Editing Items / Pricing / etc:
  1. Your Combo Menu requires a list of items. If you already had one from another menu, you may have already connected the list to this App. If you chose “Use New” on the Add Apps page, click on the Items bar in the lower left to begin adding new items.

  2. To add a new item, click "Items" in the lower left, then click Add new in the top right corner, near the words "Select Item to Edit"

  3. To edit an existing item, click on the item picture/box at the top of the "Select Item to Edit"

  4. The Select Item section only shows 4 items at a time, if you need to you can scroll to see more.

  5. Remember the Combo menu has a "back" for you to add Nutrition information. You can preview this feature by clicking the zoom icon and clicking on one of the menu items.

  6. Upload images while editing the item, or choose an existing one.

  7. Don't forget to save each item when you're done editing it. 

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