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Editing: Media App

Media App:

This Media app has the ability to specify the duration of time in increments of seconds on a per content-item level.

Please use the links below to better understand the functionality of this app.


Content Template Fields and Function

1.      Media – This field is used to upload Images.

2.      Media URL –  Loads media URLs such as Images already loaded into cloudinary (opt)

3.      Duration –  Item duration must be entered in to this field as seconds. - default 10 sec timer (Advanced Feature)

4.      Day – This field tells the image when to display depending on the day of the week  (Advanced Feature)

Example: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat,Sun for every day of the week or Tue for single day; the dates should be entered into the field should be with commas and without spaces in between otherwise the items will not display.

5.      Location – The text entered in the location field under content item should match exactly to the text entered in the location field of the app designer.  (Advanced Feature)

App Designer Fields and Functions

The fields in the app designer have been completely set up by our Team. Users do not need to make changes here unless they wish to change the overall Animation Style or set the content to Random Order.

1.      Background Color – Optional color settings

2.      Animation Style – Select an animation style from the dropdown options – this will affect the overall content.

3.      Update Timing – Setup by Insteo Team for 5 mins. We recommend it remain at that timing.

4.      Random Order – This feature allows for the items to display in any order, regardless of the order displayed in the content

5.      Location – the location tags the items from the content to display specifically in this app. If the locations do not match exactly or is not entered in the item – the item will not display as on the app or the screen.    (Advanced Feature)

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