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Creating New Users

New Users can be created by by the following User Levels -- Company Admin, Advanced Manager, Company Manager.

Company Admins and Advanced Managers have the access to create these New Users under the Clients Main company or a Sub company within the Main company.

Company Managers can only create and manage users within the company they are located in. 

When creating new users please review the User Levels to make use the you assigned the correct access level.

     1. Login to Display with your user information 
     2. Navigate your mouse to the top left of the sidebar and select the Company opt. 
     3. Select the Users opt the appears in the sub-opt. 
     4. This will then direct you the Users page, here you will then navigate to the top right corner and select the Add opt. 
     5. Fill out the following User information
                - Name First and Last
                - select the User level
                - enter Username and Password
                - select Company
                - enter Email.

       6. Hit Save at the bottom of the page to create the new user

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