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BrightSign - Setting New Timezone

In some cases, BrightSign players ship stuck in the Pacific Time Zone. When we prepare files for BrightSign, we update the timezone to the correct location, but in some cases this doesn't take, and a factory reboot is required.

Here's those steps. You may need to also update your Firmware first, which is described here:

Self-Setup Script

    1.Download this script: 

    2.Open the SetDateAndTime.txt file in notepad. 

    3.Specify the time and time zone for the player. The script is set to 1920x1080x60p video mode. If your screen doesn't support this resolution, change the video mode in the script (line 6). This FAQ lists all supported resolutions. 

    4.Save the changes. 

    5.Copy the config files onto a blank SD card. The files must be copied to the root directory of SD card, not in a folder. 

    6.Insert the SD card in the unit and power up the unit.

Assisted Setup Script

If you are receiving the TimeZone zip-file script that will helps force the BrightSign player to accept the correct timezone from our Support Team - Please follow the instructions below.

    1. Please unzip the zip-file, open the folder title "SetDateTimeNewVersionFinal" and place all files found within the folder in a new blank SD card. Once this is done please place this new SD card into your BrightSign Player.

    2. Message will appear displaying the time setting. After running for a few minutes to confirm the changes have take. You can then Power down the player re-insert the Original SD card onto your player and power the player back on.

    3. Changes should be immediate and should be visible on the clock.

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