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BrightSign Firmware Update

You will need New Blank SD cards.

Step 1:

Before uploading the new firmware onto your BrightSign player, please click on the link below and follow the instructions listed under Factory Reset –

Step 2: Firmware Update only

Similar to downloading and placing the “autorun_save.brs” onto a blank SD card, you need to do the same for the Firmware. Download the specific Firmware relating to your player onto your computer. Change the firmware file name to end with “_save.bsfw”

Step 3:

    I.            Start by inserting the SD card with the “autorun_save.brs” file. Allow for the card to reset your player to factory settings.

  II.            Once completed Insert the firmware card in your media player, the card will then force the player to update. (this may take a few minutes)

 III.            After the media player(s) have fully updated, insert the corresponding published SD card with the Insteo screen URL onto your media player.

If you have not completed Step (C.) or published yur Screen content onto a New SD card plus click on the link below to assist you with setting this up. 

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