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Editing: Meeting Room

Editing Content

There are two options for edit the Items on the content.

-          To edit the “Content” directly after editing the design go to the left side of the screen, under the preview screen click on “Items” 

-          Go to the left side of your screen and click on the “Content”, follow by clicking on “Content Overview,” you may proceed editing  with the steps below

1.      Click the Edit icon

2.     Enter the Date of the Scheduled Appointment / Meeting

          a.      Example: Day of the Week, Month, Day, Year - (Wednesday, August 17, 2016)

3.       Enter the Title of the event

4.      Add breif details about the event in the section for Event Details

5.      Enter the exact Event Start Time in which the Appointment / Meeting will take place (to provide the next available time)

            a.      Example: 11:00 AM 

6.      In addition to the start time, enter the exact Event End Time (to provide the next available time)

            a.   Similar to the Example for the start time (8:00 PM)



To Add Items

1.      Click on  Add New

2.      Follow the same steps as provided above on “Editing Content


Editing Design

For assistance with editing the design in our App Designer click on the link below.



     ·        The time displaying in a Red color shows the already scheduled time for use or upcoming meetings in the room, the words in the Green color provided a message of either availability or usage for the room.

     ·       The events will display in the order of the starting time for the event. 

     ·       The space is available for reservations from ___ till 8pm. 

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