Chromebox Kiosk Mode Instructions (New): Chrome OS

Once your (NEW) Chromebox is powered up, thoroughly read the instructions below and do not skip any so that your Chromebox is properly set up.

1. At the Welcome Screen, you will be required to set the Language, Keyboard and Network settings. When you are satisfied with these choices, click the Continue button.

2. After you have read through the Google Chrome OS Terms, proceed by clicking on the Accept and Continue button.

3. At the login screen – before entering your Google account log-in information – press Ctrl + Alt + K to the Enable Kiosk Mode dialog box, press Enable, then OK.

     (If log in and then enter the CTRL+ALT+K option you will not be available to use again unless you wipe the Chrome device and start from the beginning. For further information on conducting a device wipe, go to the bottom of this page.)

4. Proceed to log into the device with a Google account (do not use the Guest account), open Google Chrome, and go to the URL chrome://extensions

5. Check the Developer Mode checkbox, and then press Add kiosk application.

6. In the Add kiosk application textbox, enter this ID, and press Enter on your keyboard: – (Insteo App)

7. In the list of Kiosk Applications, hover your mouse over the Kiosk Application (Insteo), and press Set to Auto-Launch.

8.  Log out of the Google account, let the device fully load. On the Pop-up screen that appears, make sure to click on Enable for the Insteo App, then press OK

9.  Enter your display screens 6-10 letter Screen ID, press Save 


Google App – Insteo

Device Wipe:

A Powerwash will not reset Your Chromebox, you must wipe it to factory settings. Use the link below for instructions on doing a wipe for your device.

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