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Editing for Messaging Chalkboard

Editing Design:

-  There are pre-set colors that have been selected to achieve the Chalkboard effect, to ensure those colors appear on the preview screen click “Save” at the bottom of the Design page, but you would like to change the color scheme follow the steps below

1.      To change the color option on any of the context displayed click on the text box for the category you wish to change (For Example: “Description Color” click on the text box which will automatically display a color chart, select the color of choice; save any color changes by clicking on the button “Save” on bottom right of the color chart.)

2.      If instead of a Background Color you wish to add a Background Image, click on –Select— to drop down demo options, or hit the Upload option to load your own image (Ensure that the image is sized at Width: 1920px and Height: 1080px)

3.      Hit “Save” at the bottom of the editing options to save all changes made



To Edit the Items:

There are two options for edit the Items on the Content.

-          To edit the “Content” directly after editing the design go to the left side of the screen, under the preview screen click on “Items,” proceed editing  with the steps below

-          Go to the left side of your screen and click on the “Content”, follow by clicking on “Content Overview,” proceed editing  with the steps below

1.      Click on the “Edit” Option on any of the placeholder

2.      Click on –Select— to bring down demo image options or click on “Upload New Image” to upload your own images (Note: images must be 200w x 200h)

3.      Enter the items Title

4.      Add a brief Description of the item.

5.      Click “Save” once finished



To Add Items:

1.      Click on  “Add New

2.      Follow the same Steps as provided above on “Edit the Items


NOTE:--- If you wish to sort your content in a specific order, simply click the arrow in the box next to the words "Sort Order." the orders can be arranged by "Newest" "Oldest" and "By Number" - which will allow the user to move the items around to a desired order---

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