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Editing: Directory List App

 To Edit the Items:

There are two options for edit the Items on the Content.

-         To edit the “Content” directly after editing the design go to the left side of the screen, under the preview screen click on “Items,” proceed editing with the steps below

-         Go to the top left side of your screen and click on the “Content”, followed by clicking on “Content Overview,” proceed editing with the steps below

1.       Click on the “Edit” Option on any of the placeholders

2.       Enter the “Office Name”

3.       Add the suite number in the text box for “Office Number”

4.       Under the “Office Description” you may enter tenant's name and their titles

     ·        For Sublistings / Descriptions that DO NOT have a number, separate items with a semicolon ";"

     o  Example - "Bob Smith;Sally Jones;Charles Robertson;"  (which will each appear on their own line with a break in between.)

     ·        For Sublistings / Descriptions that DO NOT have a number, but do have a Title Description separate items with a semicolon ";" and the Title Description with a “-“

     o  Example - "Bob Smith –Property Manager;Charles Robertson –Patro Officer;"  (which will make each item  appear on their own line with a break in between.)

It's important that the list ends with a colon or semi-colon depending on the case. 

5.       If you wish for your Items to display in a Category layout, enter the Category name you wish the item to display under. (Category names must entered exactly the same for all items under that category.)

6.       If you wish to sort your content in a specific order, simply click the arrow in the box next to the words "Sort Order." the orders can be arranged by "Newest" "Oldest" and "By Number" - which will allow the user to move the items around to a desired order.    

7.     Click “Save” at the bottom of the pop-up box


To Add Items:

1.       Click on “Add New”

2.       Follow the same Steps as provided above on “Edit the Items”

Additional Editing for App Designer:   

1.       If your content items list is too large and you wish to have all of the items display on your screen, Check the "Use Smaller Font Size" to resize your items.

2.      Be sure to match the Categories entered to those in the Category field in the content templates. (Category names must be spelled exactly the same those used for the Content Template)

3.      To hide or display the Column Divider on this app, use the field for "Show Column Divider".

             - In the drop-down options that appear select "Yes" to have the column divider display, and "No" to remove the divider from viability.

4.       To sort the order of your items differently, use the "Sort Order" field.

               -   Use "Alphabetical" option to have the items display from A-Z, or "Custom Order" use the sorting orders from the "Content Editor

Remember to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the App Designer. 


For edits on the Design for this app please refer to -

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