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Editing: Modern Events Calendar SideBar

To Edit the Design

Select the Design option under the App Description

1.       Make sure that is the title you have enter is the one you would like to keep, if not go the section title “Tile” and change it there.

2.       To add a background Image if it has not already been uploaded to your feeds, Select the “Upload” option, click on the box that appears on your screen, select your image from the folder and Hit “Open to upload.

3.       You can change the color of the “Month Background Color” “Event Info Color” and the “Background Color(if no background image is added)” by clicking over the text box and selecting the color scheme for each on the color chart, when selected enter “Save” at the bottom right corn of the color chart box.

4.       Hit “Save" at the bottom of the design options


Note: Color changes are not permanent. If you are not satisfied with the color choice, simply follow the color steps again or click or highlight the numbers/letters (Ex: 265c46) that appear in the text box, hit Enter on your keyboard to completely remove the changes created. Remember to press Save at the bottom of the page.

To Edit the Items

Select the Items option under the App Description

1.       Select the “Edit” option on one of the placeholders to enter the content.

             - You can also select "Add New" to add more items to the Calendar.

2.       Enter the day in form of (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.)

3.       Enter the date in form of (Jun 05) so that it can appear correctly on the screen

4.       Add the Events Title in the text box

5.       Enter brief information about the event

6.       Add the events contact (Name, URL, etc.) as an option for viewers to see.

7.       If you wish to sort your content in a specific order, simply click the arrow in the box next to the words "Sort Order." the orders can be arranged by "Newest" "Oldest" and "By Number" - which will allow the user to move the items around to a desired order.    

8.       Hit “Save" at the bottom of the item content options 

 **NOTE: this Event Calendar has a generic feed, meaning the “Image” option that appears will not function on this particular app.**

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