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Editing: Local Attractions Map and Grid

The Edits made to the content will affect both the Happy Hour Map and the Happy Hour Grid.

Editing Single Items:

1.       Click on Content > Content Overview in the left side navigation to view your Content Library

2.       Locate the Content Group in this case “Happy Hour-Feed” -

3.       Click on the Edit icon on the far right of the Content Group you selected for edit. (Clicking the Edit icon will take you to the Content Editor)

4.       Select the item which you would like to edit

5.       To edit the items on Local Attractions Map/Grid: Click the Edit icon at the bottom of the item. Make necessary changes in the form that pops up. (For Example: Venue Name, Longitude, Latitude, etc.)

6.       To edit a Main Image or Logo – Click on either Main Image or Logo - find the image and select.

7.       To Upload New Image: Click on Upload New Image – Select your new image and hit download.

8.       Hit Save button.


Adding Items:

Follow instructions 1-3 from above

4.       Select Add in the top right corner of the Content Editor Page

5.       Fill in the form that pops up. (Example: Venue Name, Main Image, Logo, Longitude, Latitude, etc.)

6.       If you wish to sort your content in a specific order, simply click the arrow in the box next to the words "Sort Order." the orders can be arranged by "Newest" "Oldest" and "By Number" - which will allow the user to move the items around to a desired order.

7.       Hit the Save button.


Editing Design

For assistance with editing the design in our App Designer click on the link below.


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