Display Changelog (02/08/16)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with importing items with commas and breaks
  • Removing an image from a content item did not remove it from the preview, this has been fixed.
  • Duplicating data issue in API has been fixed
  • Fixed issue with API only triggering for the first feed in a grouped feed
  • Fixed issue with weather feed not updating

New Features
  • Refresh your screen remotely via Display
  • Created a new portrait 4 zone layout - " Portrait - 4 Zone-Alternate"
  • Weather feeds now give the option to include long/lat
  • Moved character count position to right of field instead of below
  • Internet alert icon added to screens. This will appear when the screen does not have an internet connection
  • Moved sorting and action icons on content items to the same line
  • Added success banners to certain features upon save.
  • Removed the option to change a layout zone once the layout has been created
  • Color fields in app designer now allow rgba entries

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