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Display Icon Defenitions

Throughout Display you will find the following icons. See below for a brief description of each. 

Edit Item - This allows you to edit the items you have selected. 

Edit Details - This displays an overview of your selection settings. 

Feed Groups - This is where you can group feeds. It also displays an overview of any feeds that have been grouped. Available for feeds only. 

Preview - This displays a preview of your selection. 

Preview API - This displays the API call that will be rendered for a selected feed. Available for feeds only. 

Move Up - Allows you to move an item up. 

Move Down - Allows you to move an item down. 

Schedule - This allows you to set a start/end date & time to content items. Available for content items only. 

Add New - Allows you to add a new app. Available for apps only. 

Delete -  This will delete the selected item. 

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