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Manager App & Resident App

Login to Display using your existing credentials. 

Setting up Manager App & Resident App  

  1. Select Apps
  2. Add New App
  3. Search for DigiNotice - Manager/DigiNotice - Resident
  4. Select Add New 
  5. Select Use New
  6. From App Designer select Items 
  7. Select Go to Content Editor
  8. Select Rename to name your content group accordingly

Enabling Moderation for Resident Submitted Content 

  1. Select Content 
  2. Select Feeds 
  3. Search for the content group you'd like to moderate
  4. Select Edit Details for that content group 
  5. Select the Curated (only items you approve will display) checkbox 
  6. Hit Save
  7. Select Preview Feed for that content group 
  8. Each item will display an Allow on Screen option
    To allow an item select Yes
    To disallow an item select No

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