Setting Up Your Screen

Overview: Below are the steps for setting up your system. You can use the links embedded with in the instructions for further assistance.

Preparing your system:

1. Check for Windows updates
  • All updates should be downloaded. Please keep in mind if updates are not made regularly on the system this step may take a some time.
  • Note: Service packs are normally large files which take more time to download. 
2. Verify the computer does not require a log in.

3. Auto-hide the Start Menu/taskbar.

4. Disable the screen saver

5. Change computer desktop background to solid black or solid color with (your) logo. 

6. Hide all desktop icons.

7. Uninstall Antivirus and all other unnecessary applications
  • Note: Be careful not to remove any driver applications and anything system related (ie. Microsoft .NET Framework programs).
8. Install LogMeIn
  • During installation, make sure the following things are checked
           - Do not notify updates
           - Do not go idle
           - Do not show welcome screen
           - Do not show pop-ups

9. Verify the power settings are set to:

           - Never turn off the display
           - Never put the computer to sleep

10. Optional: Review wireless networking setup and make sure the system does not report new networks found. 

11. Set computer to automatically prevent account login to Windows 7

Setting up Chrome kiosk mode on your system:

1. Open Start menu

2. Programs 
à Google Chrome

3. Find Chrome, RIGHT-CLICK, click Properties

4. Copy target (Usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe")

5. Open Start menu

6. Programs à Startup, RIGHT-CLICK, click Open

7. In window, RIGHT-CLICK, New à New Shortcut

8. Enter “Target URL” --kiosk URL (example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --kiosk --disable-translate --auto-launch-at-startup --disabled
  • Please note: It is important to remember to include the following in the: 
          • --kiosk - sets chrome in kiosk mode
          • --disable-translate - doesn't allow chrome to translate pages
          • --auto-launch-at-startup  - possibly for not showing the restore section at the top

9. Click Next

10. Name it as Insteo Display

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