Uploading MP4 Videos and URLs

Insteo supports a whole range of video files such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV - but, playback depends on the setup of your Digital Signage hardware player and CMS software. We recommend videos should be 100MB or less and 2 minutes in length or less.

We've found the safest option is MP4/H.264 video. Even within this format, there are still dozens of choices for how to encode the video. We recommend variable bit-rate videos with a maximum bitrate of 3000kbps. We recommend using Adobe Media Encoder to get videos into the right format.

Insteo Video App also supports YouTube URLs. Perfect for the use of uploading larger length and size video.

Do not upload a MP4 Video and enter a YouTube URL into the same Content Item   


Video Upload Process

·        Video format supports MP4

·        Video size should be 100 MB or less

·        Video length should be 2 minutes or less

Creating Content Feed

-      Go to Content > Content Overview

-      Click Edit on Videos Feed

    o    Rename the Feed Name to match that of your Videos name (ex. Halloween Video)

    o    Select Video from Templates

           (a)      Locate the content group (ex. Halloween Video) and click on the Edit icon (shape of a pencil) to the far right

Editing the Items

-      Click Add (This will add a content item.)

   o    Enter a Title

   o    Click Upload New Image > Drag and drop video onto the module on screen or click on module to navigate through the computer browser to upload video. > Wait for video to upload. A green check mark indicate a successful upload.

Adding to Layout: 

To add the Video App onto your screen(s) Layout, please review our support document on Additional Layout Information 


YouTube Video Upload Process

·        Video format supports URL link

·        Video length is capable of exceeding 2 minutes or more

·        Video URLs only work on Chromebox, and Chromebits players

 Videos through YouTube  

Once your video has successful uploaded to YouTube, Copy the whole URL create from the site for your specific video.

-      Go to Content > Content Overview

-      Click Edit on Videos Feed

Editing the Items

-      Click Add (This will add a content item.)

   o    For the URL field enter videos url.

         (a)    Paste the copied URL on to the text-box (ex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YATlcCULGFw)  

   o    Hit Save 

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