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Insteo - Zip Files for BrightSign Players

Authoring Card(s)

How to setup your player to display the zipfile content:

  1. Insert a blank SD / MicoSD card onto your computer.
  2. Download the attached/sent zip file(s).
  3. Open and copy all of the file to the root directory of your blank SD/Micro SD card. (Image example below)
  4. Insert the SD card into the player while it is powered off.
  5. Connect the Network, power and HDMI cable for the player.
  6. Power on the player. 
  7. The screen should then load a BrightSign message followed by loading the Insteo content. This content has been tested in our office and ran fine.
If images don't display right away, please check your network. We are a fully cloud based signage platform and rely on a stable network connection for the media player. 

Should you experience any issues beyond the networking, please email

Your SD card should have files/folders on it and look similar to this:

If your SD card only has a single folder, or single file such as a folder called exports, you may have to copy those files again to the top level of the card.


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