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Editing: Slides - Design and Content

Edit for Design:

In the App Designer there are several features to change the display of your content.

First to begin editing the design animation / style go to “Design” option under the preview window on the left side.

1.      To change the color for—Background Color simply click on the text box to display the color chart, select your color; save color changes by hit the “Save” button on the bottom right of the color chart.

2.      Select an Animation Style from the drop down options.

     a.      No Animation – removes any animation during transition

     b.      Fade – Fades items from one to the next

     c.      Bounce – bounces items from left to right

     d.      Slide Left – slides the items from left to right

     e.      Slide Right – slides the items from right to left

3.      Use the Update Timing to indicate the app for content a time in minuet

     a.      Example 2 = 2 minutes; every 2 minutes the app will check for new content.

4.      Choose from the Time Drop Down selections to set the items duration on the screen.

     a.      7 seconds

     b.      10 seconds

     c.      15 seconds

     d.      Random – could be 5 seconds faster or slower than the time options

5.      Random Order sort the order od display randomly

6.      Hit Save when satisfied with all of your changes

Note each time a change is made to the Design users must hit Save each time  


To Edit the Items:

There are two options for edit the Items on the Content.

-         To edit the “Content” directly after editing the design go to the left side of the screen, under the preview screen click on “Items,” proceed editing with the steps below

-         Go to the top left side of your screen and click on the “Content”, followed by clicking on “Content Overview,” proceed editing with the steps below

1.      Click on the placeholder item and select the Upload button or Drag and Drop your Item Image

     a.       (must be sized at 1920px wide by 1080px tall in .JPEG or .PNG)

To Add Items

1.      Click on  “Add New”

2.      Follow the same Steps as provided above on “Edit Items”

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